Enhancing customer experience in a digital revolution

How to get ahead in the age of the Connected Customer

Access to new technologies and powerful data insights have revolutionised the world of digital marketing. Today, to retain sustainable competitive advantage, brands need to achieve real time relevance in each and every interaction. Yet it can be a challenge for marketers to understand how to leverage the technology at their fingertips to make meaningful customer connections.

Seizing the opportunity requires building a technology ecosystem and an omni-channel marketing strategy with the customer at its heart. By aggregating and actioning customer insights, brands can build a better value exchange between themselves and their customers – boosting acquisition, engagement, retention and revenue.

The Connected Customer Summit

Zeta focuses on connecting the inputs that enable businesses to efficiently engage their customers. At our Connected Customer Summit 2016, we discussed tools and techniques to help you unlock value in your data and technologies that optimise your marketing strategies and deliver the best customer experience.

Creating lasting customer connections

The summit explored the latest trends in digital marketing that are shaping how brands engage with customers. Industry experts shared insights on optimising customer experience through data, strategy, analytics and award-winning creative. Our delegates came away with actionable strategies to build meaningful, contextual conversations with customers at every moment in their experience with your brand.

Watch our Connected Customer Summit 2016 Highlights here: