[eBook] The Mobile Engagement Maturity Model 

This eBook puts together a mobile engagement maturity model that aims to help brands focus on improving the mobile engagement rate and, consequently, boosting the bottom-line.

The eBook highlights seven key factors that determine the success of a mobile engagement strategy in today’s market:
  1. User Behavior - Knowledge of activities and behaviors of mobile users
  2. Mobile Experience - User experience for each individual
  3. Push - Usage of push notifications for communication with users
  4. SMS - Usage of SMS for communication with users
  5. Deep Linking - The depth of deep linking a brand’s engagement pattern
  6. Reporting - Analysis of mobile performance on key metrics
  7. Resources - Budget, tools and staff
The eBook uses the above factors to develop a maturity model. The model categorizes brands into four levels, based on the level of sophistication of their mobile engagement strategy.

Download the eBook and to track the level of mobile engagement maturity your brand lies on. Further, use the eBook to level up your mobile engagement maturity strategy.